About Us

Afiniu.com is a Social Network that helps people meet and socialize through events, as well as through its website numerous features.

We organize both online and in-person events of all kinds and for all ages. They are fun, creative, innovative, interesting and aimed at developping human growth, bringing human comunication from the mind to the heart, weakening egoic reactions and favoring communication at the level of intuition, playfulness and the senses.

We allow our users to attend events together with other attendees who share the same interests, to learn about their shared passion, and then enjoying interacting and communicating with the desired users in a natural and fun way.

Afiniu.com allows making quality connections and Friends much more easily than other Social Networks. We believe that meeting and socializing with interesting people from authenticity and vulnerability should be a usual, natural and always pleasant experience.

This is why so many users are trusting our team and online platform each day. We help people break the ice while also step out of their comfort zone.

Being together is our nature. We all deserve to experience it. Therefore we help people come closer together, and through the Law of Attraction, find like minded souls with whom walk together the paths of life.

Jorge Piedra

CEO & Founder